Janelle Monáe

Revolution of Love

Youtube Music

Kurator supported the Youtube Music team in their creation of a short film about musician, singer and activist Janelle Monáe. This documentary-style short is a behind-the-scenes look at Monáe’s life, work and activism. To illustrate her impact as a musician, producers hoped to capture an authentic Janelle Monae experience from a fan’s point of view.

Youtube Music hired Kurator to clear user generated content from Monáe fans, sourced from Youtube and social media sites. Kurator handled contact with each user, created custom licensing agreements for each clip, and delivered the content to Youtube Music.

Kurator’s services saved Youtube Music valuable time and allowed producers to focus on creative efforts instead of worrying about licensing and negotiations. The resulting film, which shows the depth of Monáe’s music and activism, has over 5 million views on Youtube, and counting.