Whether you need video, photograph, music, book excerpt, or VR content licensed from Youtube, Google, News, TV, or Film our team of clearance experts will quickly find and secure rights on any form of digital media that you need for your project.


It’s in our name. Our team of researchers will stop at nothing to find the media that matches your creative brief perfectly. By using our vast network of industry contacts in tandem with our in-house creative team, we quickly curate and distill down the vast amount of digital media on the internet, down to only the material that works for your project.


Flexible license agreements & 100% indemnification: Once negotiations have finished, our team of legal experts will finalize and fully execute license agreements, and our accounting team will handle payments to all parties. And best of all, we indemnify you. Whether you are comfortable with our standard coverage, or would prefer higher levels of coverage, we work to take any and all risk and anxiety out of your project.

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