Your Go-To Content Curators, Rights Clearance Advisors, and Music Supervision Experts.


It’s in our name. Our team of researchers will stop at nothing to find the media that matches your creative brief perfectly. By using our network of industry contacts in tandem with our in-house creative team, we quickly curate and distill the vast amount of digital media on the internet, down to only the material that works for your project.


Flexible license agreements & 100% indemnification: Once negotiations have finished, our team of legal experts will finalize and fully execute license agreements, and our accounting team will handle payments to all parties. And best of all, we indemnify you. Whether you are comfortable with our standard coverage, or would prefer higher levels of coverage, we work to take any and all risk and anxiety out of your project.


Whether you’re an agency creating a commercial for a fortune 500 company, or an independent filmmaker producing a film festival hopeful, at some point in your creative process, you need to find music that compliments your vision and captivates your audience’s attention. Kurator’s music supervision team provides professional and legal support in music selection and licensing.




Kurator partnered with RCA records and Freenjoy to create a music video for Justin Timberlake’s hit song “Supplies.” The concept began with a powerful opening scene featuring a wall of televisions playing footage from recent social movements like #BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and #NoBanNoWall. Producers turned to Kurator to research, curate, and license over 100 clips from a wide variety of sources to complete this scene, allowing their own teams to focus on the big-picture narrative and remaining production.

 – Branded Content –

Caribbean Travel and Sherpas Cinema

In 2018, renowned film studio Sherpas Cinema was hired to produce a campaign video for Caribbean Travel, sourced entirely from third-party Vimeo content. Kurator handled all licensing agreements, arranged talent releases for all models, and provided custom indemnification for the entire project, protecting all parties from fringe case legal risk and allowing Sherpas Cinemas to retain complete creative control.



In 2016, Marvel Entertainment was producing their latest film, Captain America Civil War. A critical scene in the film takes place at the International Centre building in Vienna. While they could shoot a majority of that scene’s footage off site, producers wanted aerial footage of the building’s exterior to help define the location. Instead of sending a production team to Austria to film, they hired Kurator to find and license existing third-party footage, saving them valuable time and expense.