Think Motive

Ram Trucks – Heroes Wanted

RAM Trucks and its agency, Think Motive, were producing a video spot for a new campaign launch. The concept was a celebration of the everyday American Hero from firefighters, to farmers, to construction workers — the hard working men and women who make this country run. 

Think Motive created a concept piece, composed of proprietary RAM truck footage mixed with montage footage showing everyday Americans hard at work. They hired Kurator to source the non-proprietary montage footage to match the look and feel of their concept. Kurator absorbed this creative brief, curated a selection of incredible footage, and notably, brought a new idea to forward: They proposed licensing the very same content used to create the original concept video, which was shot for a compatible and non-competing brand. This game-changing idea allowed the producers to use the exact clips they based their initial concept around.  Kurator handled the initial contact with this third party and drafted the licensing agreement, securing the footage for the final project. 

The resulting campaign video tells a story, connecting the tough and hard working RAM trucks with everyday American heroes. Kurator’s knowledgeable and innovative team of researchers saved time and money through via this creative licensing approach.